My Weight Loss Plan

Just to be clear…my weight loss plan is an ongoing process of what works and what doesn’t work.

Let’s start with a little about myself before getting into my weight loss diet plan or plans rather. While I was a little chubby as a young girl, I was not over weight. As I got into my late teens, I would exercise by jogging a few miles a day. My body was in pretty good shape at this point in my life.

While dating my now husband, I was starting to increase in weight. It wasn’t a lot so I didn’t pay much attention to it. Before getting married, I pushed myself to lose 20 pounds so that I would look good in my wedding dress and also get my husband excited. That all worked by the way!

A few years pass and here comes the first pregnancy. I don’t know exactly, maybe I didn’t want to know, but I am pretty sure I gained around 40 pounds during that first pregnancy. Little bundle of joy came and it seems most of that 40 pounds stayed with me.

Fast forward a few more years and baby number two comes along. Guess what? I gained another 40 pounds during the second pregnancy. Ugggg! Our lives were a little more complicated at this point as well as maybe dealing with a little postpartum depression. I was now up a net of 40 pounds from before getting pregnant with our first baby.

As if life wasn’t complicated enough, we decided to have our third and last child. I am starting to sound like a broken record here, but I ended up gaining another twenty pounds after this pregnancy. I started to ponder my weight before getting pregnant the first time and compared that to my weight after all three pregnancies. Good grief, how did this happen was the question to myself.

Don’t get me wrong, all three of our kids were a gift and beautiful bundles of joy. They were worth every pound. Honestly, I started to get content with my over 200 pound weight. I wasn’t really content with it, but I didn’t think anything could be done about it.

Being overweight is just as much of a mental struggle as it is with the struggle to lose the weight and belly fat. The more I looked at myself, the more depressed I got, and for me the fix for depression was to turn to food. It’s a vicious cycle that doesn’t lead to success.

I was a mother of three, now eighty pounds over weight, and guess what hits me next? Cancer! The one “C” word you don’t want to hear…..ever from your doctor. This is not about cancer so I will keep this brief. I went through surgery, multiple rounds of chemo, followed by more surgeries and am now cancer free.

Along the way I learned through a lot of reading that cancer thrives and grows on sugar and does not like oxygen. Not knowing it through poor diet and lack of exercise, I was helping out those cancer cells.

I moved past cancer but….I was still eighty to hundred pounds over weight. I needed a weight loss plan that worked at least for me. Let’s be honest, I haven’t had any success in the past losing weight. I needed to try some new things that I hadn’t wanted to try or had the willpower to try.

When your a mom, you put anything and everything else first, which includes your children, your husband, your friends. The list goes on and on and then you have yourself at the bottom. I needed to flip the switch and put myself at the top of the list. I had to fight the idea I was being selfish to put myself first. In order for me to do for others, I had to first make sure I was good. This logic made sense to me.

I started my plan in motion to lose weight and get rid of this belly fat that I have been carrying around since my first pregnancy, which has now been many years. The most important part of my plan was that it was doable and that the weight would stay off.

I read as much as I could on the subject of diet and weight loss. You know there is a ton. If you google weight loss, you get an astonishing 960 million results. I have time, but not that much time. While doing some research, I discovered a link between abdominal fat (belly fat) and cancer. I also discovered that cancer cells love to feed off of sugar! I had plenty of belly fat for cancer to feed on.

I was even more motivated than ever being a cancer survivor to lose weight and get rid of this stupid belly fat. This was something I wasn’t doing for my kids or my husband, but I was doing this for ME. I wanted to be excited about trying on clothes that fit well. Putting on a swimsuit that didn’t make me want to turn away from the mirror. Finally having a flat tummy. While it wasn’t doing it for my husband, I did want to see him checking me out again.

I had my motivation and now it was time to put in the hard work that it was going to take. Trying not to be discouraged when results are not immediate. I didn’t get this over weight in a day and therefore it was going to take time, patience, and dedication to transform my body.

Step 1 : Food Journal – I started by writing down what I was eating each day for a week. Every meal and every snack, no matter how small, went into the journal. I also included the times of day for each snack and meal. The reality I was eating almost no fruits, vegetables, and my diet consisted of carbs.

Step 2 : Calorie Count – Using my daily food journal, I did my best to assign a calorie total to each meal and snack. I then would tally the total calories eaten each day. Generally speaking, you should only be eating 1200 to 1400 calories per day in order to promote weight loss. What do you think I was eating? Each day was well over 2000 calories and I was eating a lot of calories just before bed.

Step 3 : Exercise – So this was almost non-existent in my daily routine. I never liked exercise so I didn’t do it. I was reminded of this each time visiting my doctor. Based on my height and weight, he would tell me I am bordering on morbidly obese. Really liked hearing that term. NOT! He followed up with the term sedentary lifestyle, which was doctor terms for zero exercise.

My Diet & Weight Loss Plan:

  • green smoothie
  • no carbs (or little carbs and only in the morning)
  • no sugar (cancer cells love sugar)
  • low sodium (have you looked at how much sodium is in food these days?)
  • no eating before bed (4 hours or more)
  • daily exercise (cancer cells don’t like oxygen)
  • detox program (good cleansing of the toxins)
  • increased protein intake (Vega One Organic Plant Based Protein Shake)
  • eat more fruit
  • eat more vegetables
  • lots of water