Red Tea Detox Review

The Red Tea Detox is a brand new cleansing program that helps promote detoxifying of the body in a natural way to shed pounds quickly and safely. It allows almost anyone to lose 14 pounds in just a matter of weeks.

The creator behind Red Tea Detox program is Liz Swann Miller. Liz is a six time best selling author with ten years of experience as a practicing Naturopath (ND). What is Naturopath? Good question. A Naturopath is a health practitioner who applies natural therapies.

She discovered a unique recipe for the energizing red tea while traveling in Africa. People ask if the ingredients can only be found in Africa. Thankfully that is not the case. The ingredients are very common and can be found at most stores.

This weight loss plan is broken down into three sections in the book:

  • Diet – The Red Tea Detox outlines the importance of detoxifying the body before weight loss begins, why toxins can stunt your metabolism, and the benefits of a red tea cleansing system for both the body and mind.
  • Exercise – The exercise section is designed to complement the diet portion of The Red Tea Detox. The exercise section consists of a variety of super-charged exercises that will promote the melting of body fat.
  • Willpower & Motivation – The last section dives into some of the most common myths about willpower. Understanding the underlying realities of proper motivation can revolutionize your weight loss and ultimately your life.

The Red Tea Detox

It’s all about choice and the choice is up to you. People all over are using the Red Tea Detox program to lose weight and live a healthier and happier life.

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